• Vivian B. Wechie, Life Coach

As We Wait.

I am writing this as we wait on the outcome of 2020 election. It seems with the wild fires, droughts, global pandemic, and so much more, 2020's election has just compounded the amount of stress one can take! Wow! It reminds me of being in school, waiting anxiously on the result from our final exam, or that call from the Doctor saying your results are negative, at any rate its nerve racking to say the least! But let me encourage you in this, I believe if you choose to just stay calm, put your trust in the one and only God, who is still on the throne, being confident in this, He is still fully in charge. Avoid the urge to instead sit wringing your hands, lets stay calm, pray, in perfect peace. That peace that surpasses understanding, the peace of God.

Pretend it has all worked out for your good, because if we can imagine it, then we can receive it. Don't sit in front of the T. V. in fear and anxiety, it is going to be alright. I know, its tough to wait, it seems like an eternity since I did early voting, since I voted for human kind to realign, for the atmosphere to shift, I am confident it is all going to work out. As you wait, remember you waited for something before, right? Haven't you felt antsy before? So get off the edge of your seat, wait in this situation, trust God. Don't give fear a stronghold, lean on Jesus, let Him do the heavy lifting, you stay in perfect peace, as we wait...

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