• Vivian B. Wechie, Life Coach

The Peace of God

The peace of God transcends all understanding. We so often forget this, and allow ourselves to become stressed, worried, and afraid. He knows all about it. Don't allow your circumstances to cause your faith to waiver, honestly, we all go through those moments of pain, shame, discouragement, bewilderment, we lose focus. I am here to encourage you, be okay, with not being okay. What I mean by this is God sets us up to win, regardless of how bad it gets, we win! I remember a while back, I was going through one of the most challenging times of my life, I felt myself dying inside, I felt ashamed, scared, alone, and unworthy of the Love of Father God, but through those thoughts I pressed into Him. I held on to His powerful hand. I had nowhere else to turn, I was not alone, because He had me, and once I realized this, I was okay, I felt strong, and as His word says, in our weakness He is made strong. So Sister, I have surely been there, done that. I have been through the fire so to speak, but came out even wiser, stronger, kinder. And you will too. Now, today is a new beginning, take it, cherish it, because you can start, begin AGAIN! How? By deciding you are not a victim, deciding you are an overcomer. Find that perfect peace of God, that peace that surpasses understanding, His peace. Once you tap into that peace all of a sudden things just get better from there. When issues arise, you face them head on with His peace, when people walk away, you face the situation not in a broken place, yet instead in a place of being gracefully broken. His grace is sufficient, His grace sets us free from shame, from low self esteem, from feeling unworthy. You are enough, and you are His.

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